3 Tips To Minimize Or Prevent Pelvic Prolapse

The pelvic floor muscles are critical for supporting organs located within the abdominopelvic cavity. With increasing age, pregnancy, and vaginal childbirth, the likelihood of pelvic prolapse increases. Although prolapse is not always avoidable, there are ways to minimize improve the condition if it occurs. Avoid Straining Straining is a common problem that can weaken pelvic floor muscles or exacerbate weakness. You might strain because of constipation or because you have the sensation of incomplete bowel movements with either constipation or diarrhea. [Read More]

3 Reproductive Health Misconceptions Every Woman Needs To Know

Understanding how the female reproductive system works is invaluable for everyone, especially women. Some people continue to believe misconceptions about the female reproductive system, which can lead to unexpected pregnancies or delayed cancer detection. You Had Your Period, No Worries Not every pregnant woman will skip their period, especially during the early months of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you will not have a "true" period, which is cyclic bleeding as a result of ovulation. [Read More]